Protecting your brand
by protecting your patientsTM

The most trusted brands in drug product safety, medical communications and product quality now join forces to form Dohmen Safety - a continuum of pre and post approval safety and product information management capabilities for life science companies - delivered by a partner with a commitment to pharmaceutical care spanning more than 150 years.

Patient safety is our priority

When we design and deliver a safety service solutions to meet the requirements of your product, we're thinking about even more than a project plan that provides medical communications, regulatory consulting, adverse event reporting, pharmacovigilance or product quality services. We're also thinking about your patient.

We understand the value that we add goes much further than processing customer complaint reports. We are a critical link to patients, healthcare providers and other key stakeholders and we take that very seriously. As part of your team, we will work with you to maximize your product's benefit and minimize its risk.